A school sound system may consist of a central audio system in the school hall as well as loudspeakers distributed throughout classrooms and corridors for paging, emergency announcements or class change signalling.

Your school hall sound system may be used for assemblies, school productions or to address prospective parents viewing the school for the first time, so clear, intelligible speech is vital in addition to full rich sound supporting video presentations.

A classroom sound system usually consists of a soundfield system enabling localized audio enhancement with a teachers wireless microphone, audio amplifier and speakers improving control in the classroom through more effective communication and reduced vocal fatigue.

A portable sound system is ideal for addressing groups of students in learning resource areas or for sporting events. Move easily from one location to another and lock away when not in use.

A lecture theater in a college or university may need amplification with local control with high quality microphones and powerful speakers as well as being integrated into the Campus Paging System.

For expert advice on your school audio system, please call us on 9818870574 or email us at and we will do our best to help you.

School sound systems can be complex in nature and whilst we can help you design an effective sound system for a school, college or university, we would strongly recommend you deal with a specialized local installer who can visit you and provide a competitive quotation for installation. We have a comprehensive customer base of first class installers throughout north India and we’re very happy to introduce you and ensure that you are looked after throughout.

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